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New designs promote operational safety - melt pressure

15 March 2013  |  Plastics

European regulations are leading the way in the goal to improve safety in machine operation and product integrity

EN1114-1 Level "c"  requires the use of over pressure shut down devices on plastic extruders with nominated levels of system performance. Gefran has had its products approved and now offers a full line of extrusion pressure control and alarm systems that comply with these regulations and are certified.

RoHS 2011/65/UE Directive bans the use of MERCURY in extrusion pressure sensors used for packaging after 2017.  It may not be widely known that most extrusion sensors use mercury to transmit pressure from the diaphragm to the sensor, and if the diaphragm is ruptured [and its not uncommon] then mercury can get into the packaging material.

Gefran has three solutions, and is fully prepared for these RoHS directives

Oil filled - W series - using synthetic, stable oil filling - especially for Pharmaceutical packaging

NaK - K - series - using a sodium potassium alloy filling - same price level and performance up to 540C - this is the natural replacement for the M series sensors

No fill - IMPACT series - using a new sensor technology with diaphragms up to 10 times thicker and no fill material - low thermal drift - and high accuracy.  THE ATTACHED ARTICLE discusses the Impact series development to meet the new regulations and its adoption by some of the major machine builders in Europe.