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Wireless sytems for monitoring pharma/ health facilities

18 November 2014  |  Life Sciences

Hanwell is part of the IMC Group and is well known for wireless monitoring products in pharmaceutical, healthcare, food safety and laboratory environments. The 434MHz systems they supply har far more range and "penetration power" than the more common 2.4GHz zigbee networks. 

The systems can be hosted on site, or off site and the software readily handles, multi location, multi building, multistory facilities. Transmitters are logging type for data security and battery powered, and are available for almost any measurement including energy. With 253 inputs per networkable receiver and 16 receivers, the software handles more than 4000 inputs

In addition the sotware has all the features [and documentation] to install a CFR21 Part 11 fully validated system when required. Solutions range from the simple to the complex, so contact us to help define your ideal system.

The following links allow you to download specific brochures for different applications

Healthcare Brochure

Pharmaceutical Brochure

Laboratory Brochure

Food Brochure