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Low Emissivity Glass Temperature measurement

8 January 2013  |  Glass

Low emissivity glass is now almost exclusively specified for architectural applications and glass companies have to provide temperated, laminated or safety versions or even bend for rounded profiles.

For these processes, the product temperature and heat distribution across the sheet is critical for glass properties, and also to prevent breakage during processing.  Raytek has improved their sofware system which generates thermal images of glass sheets using the output of the MP150G line scanner. These systems can correct for emissivity by measuring temperature on the non coated side simultaneously - and dynamically adjusting emissivity used on the coated side. The resulting images show temperature and temperature distribution over the surface of the sheet - allowing fine tuning of the sheet heating process.

Now it is more possible to mount the scanner UNDER the glass sheet even with low clearance - the software has been modified to allow measurement at extreme angles with automatic image correction.