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Prepare to be Managed

31 December 2012  |  Food Safety

Cooper Atkins has released the ne HACCP Manager - a hand held device for controlling personal activity, and automatically recording and archiving results in the daily execution of a Food Safety Plan.

The Atkins state of the art HACCP Manager system will rellieve your stress by allowing you to incorporate a custom built HACCP plan into your food business that complies with local health codes

Addressing health safety concerns is vital in todays foodservice industry and is mandated in Australia. The planning, training and administration of a traditional food safety program is laborious, costly, and may be a burden to your business

The HACCP Manager system is intuitive to program and requires minimal training - and increases productivity. It has completely customisable reporting and btemperature measurements incorporate an exclusive stabilisation feature. If any alarm settings are tripped, the unit will display the desired corrective action. Both the firmware and software are automatically updated via the web to ensure your system is always current.

Incorporating our new HACCP Manager system into your safety program will not only save you time and money, but will increase consumer confidence and ultimately improve the overall customer experience.