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22 December 2015
Controlled wine fermentation by CO2 measurement

Wine makers want to moderate "uncontrolled" fermentation in order to achieve desirable characteristics. Measurement of the CO2 produced indicates the vigour of fermentation and this can be used to control the rate by cooling.

3 December 2015
RADAR level transmitters certified to IECEx

Beijing Goda Instruments has been awarded certification for their complete range of industrial radar transmitters to ATEX and IECEx standards

2 December 2015
IECEx certified version of Raytek MI3 released

After releasing a series of communications options including Ethernet, profibus, and Modbus, Raytek has added IECEx certification to this very flexible infra red temperature transmitter.

2 December 2015
Self install wireless temperature system - cloud

ECEFast is releasing a new wireless temperature monitoring system that is supplied in a kit and can be completely set up by anyone.

25 September 2015
Rotomoulding - wireless measurement of mould cavity air temperature

ECEFast has developed and tested a system for continuous measurement of cavity air temperatures in the rotomoulding process. The analog output can be used for control purposes.

16 June 2015
Save power by KNOWING where you are NOW!

This article shows the benefit of having quantified information in hand before launching on power saving programs. A relatively simple low cost instrument can be used to establish the key power variables and consumption patterns in your plant

4 March 2015
Signal isolation - what it is and what it does!!

Signal isolation is a solution to many problems in process loops where noise or stray voltages appear. This article explains the source of these problems and how the isolation devices work.

4 March 2015
IECEx Thermal imaging Camera CorDEX TC7000

The CorDEX TC7000 thermal camera now has a 50% price reduction from the factory. There is no reason to go through the hassle of using an uncertified camear in a hazardous area.

2 February 2015
PR electronics applications in marine

PR electronics has had close ties to the Marine industry for more than 35 years and has supplied thousands of modules for new and refurbished ships, and boats worldwide.

2 February 2015
PR electronics applications in oil and gas production

PR electronics is one of the leading suppliers of signal isolation and conditioning modules in the world. They have released a brochure describing their applications and advantages in oil and gas production.

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