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Multi-Function Water Quality Meter - LU-WA2017SD

Measure and log water parameters with this low cost meter!

  •   Base meter includes - CD/TDS probe 0-200mS in 4 ranges
  • TDS 0-200000ppm in 4 ranges adjustable factor
  • 0-12%salt - probe included in base unit then:
  • Dissolved oxygen probe 0-20mg/l 0-100% oxygen in air temperature 0-50C - optional
  • pH/mV 0-14pH -1999+1999mV BNC connector ATC with TP07 temperature probe - optional
  • Data log to SD card to 16Gb - analyse data on PC using spread sheet software
  • MANUAL log at push button to 99 sets
  • SD card not included - optional USB cable and PC software set available

Water analysis using one economical meter is very convenient as the logging functions and operation are easy to learn. This meter accepts 4 probes to measure the main water parameters. It delivers as conductivity, TDS and SALT meter as standard and other probes can be added as required for pH, temperature for pH compensation, ORP /REDOX with suitable probe (also BNC connection) and dissolved oxygen. The WA-2017 will log all measured parameters to SD card memory. This can be transferred to a PC and data analysed using a normal spread sheet program. If preferred, the meter can be connected by USB cable to a PC running optional analysis software.

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
LU-PH-BUFFER-7 pH 7 Buffer solution 500ml Stock Available $43.70
LU-YK-TP07 Temp. Compensation Probe for pH on WA2017SD Stock Unavailable $61.50
LU-PE01 pH probe general purpose with BNC connector and cable Stock Available $148.00
LU-POWER-9V Lutron plug pack 240V /9V DC Australian Stock Available $31.40
LU-SD-8GB Optional 8Gb SD card for loggers Stock Available $18.00
LU-WA2017SD Multi-function water quality meter Stock Available $426.00
LU-PH-BUFFER-4 pH 4 Buffer solution 500ml Stock Available $43.70
LU-YK-OXPB-11 Dissolved Oxygen probe for WA2017SD Stock Unavailable $205.00

Additional Information

Datasheet for Lutron Water Quality Meter 585 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Manual for WA-2017SD 607KB Download PDF