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Miniature Air Velocity Transmitters for low and moderate air flow EE-671

Compact duct mount sensors for HVAC and specialised air flow applications

  • EE671 normal flow ranges 0-5, 0-10, 0-20m/sec and  low flow ranges 0-1, 0-1.5 & 0-2 m/sec
  • Power supply 10-29VDC
  • Output 0-5V, 0-10VDC  accuracy from 3-6% depending on range [see data]
  • Temperature operating  -20 to 60C 
  • Body 120mm x 12mm diameter - mounting flange included
  • M12 x5 plug connect or 2M cable
  • Response time typically 4 sec  at mid working range.

The EE-671 is a low cost flow sensors for protected applications such as HVAC but also suiting glove boxes, filters and exhaust systems. It uses thermal mass flow principles utilising the flat film sensing elements developed by E+E and sold in huge quantities in engine management systems [ they are very rugged and reliable].
They require correct alignment, but are not sensitive to [not gross]  errors in alignment. Electronics are integral and mounted in the sensor body with only and extension lead external - 2M or M12 connector.

The EE671 can be configured and adjusted using the EE-PCA product configuration adaptor and free download software - data below

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
EE-671-VxxxKD Velocity transmitter incl flange with 2M cable - range to specification Stock Unavailable $385.00
EE-671-VxxxSx Velocity transmitter incl flange with M12x5 connector - range to specification Stock Unavailable $373.00

Additional Information

Data sheet EE671 - low cost configurable air velocity transmitter 542 KB Download PDF
Data sheet EE-PCA programming interface 421 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating instructions EE-671 484KB Download PDF