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Loop (input powered) isolator - PR-6185

Loop isolation at its best with a very low voltage drop the PR-6185 series from PR electronics provides isolation for up to four loops to 2kV. The width per channel for 4ch is less than 6mm. The solution is premium in quality and accuracy with 5 year warranty and will resolves application difficulties with ground loops and measurements of floating signals.

  • Powered by the measured signal with 1.8V drop [INPUT SIDE}
  • 1, 2, and 4 ch in 24mm width module
  • Absolute accuracy 0.1%
  • Isolation to 2KVAC
  • Response time 4ms
  • Input / Output 1:1

PR electronics has released the new 6mm series loop powered isolators also in one and two channel.  The PR-6185 and the PR-3185A are powered from the input side [live input required] whereas the PR-3186A is powered from the output -- and it then provides a loop supply if required for its input  LINK to PR3185/86

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
PR-6185B-2CH Loop powered signal isolator dual channel 2kV input side powered Stock Available $375.00
PR-6185D-4CH Loop powered signal isolator four channel 2kV input side powered Stock Available $483.00
PR-6185A Loop powered signal isolator single channel 2kV input side powered Stock Available $234.00

Additional Information

PR-6185 data sheet 445 KB Download PDF
Signal Isolation Explained 1362 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

PR-6185 Manual 726KB Download PDF