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Lightning Protection for 2 wire transmitters LPC 10643-24

Loop lightning protection - in many instances, two wire transmitters may be subject to high energy power spikes that have the potential to destroy them. The source is usually induced voltage surges from close proximity lightning strikes. Protecting a loop exposed to this danger requires specialised products such as the LPC 10643 and these are mounted at each end of the loop adjacent to the electronic device. This device has flying leads (16G stranded) and it can be attached directly to the instrument terminals plus a connection to a "good" earth

  • For systems up to 28VDC line to line or line to ground
  • Mounted in shunt with device - plus earth
  • Response in 1 nanosecond - maximum surge 30000amps on 8/20microsecond wave
  • Very low leakage current
  • See data sheet for voltage clamp at different currents
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PL-ELP-LPC10643 Lightning protection for 2W transmitters - flying lead connection Stock Available $187.00

Additional Information

Lightning protection data sheet LPC 10643-24 803 KB Download PDF
Choosing the correct surge protection device 615 KB Download PDF

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