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Level Transmitters

Submersible & Hydrostatic Type

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Submersible pressure transmitter - Gems 5000 series

Low range pressure/level TX with ATEX & marine approval. Gems 5000 series

Submersible level transmitters, hydrostatic - Gems 9600

Hydrostatic level measurement ranges 4m to 100m -0.05% with long term accuracy and lightning protection to 200M cable
GEMS 9600 submersible transmitter - hastelloy diaph.

Level Measurement for Contaminated Liquids (Rigid Rod, Hydro...

Non metal level transmitter - isolated diaphragm to 6M
Levelstick assembled with cable

Flush diaphragm sanitary transmitters - LEEG SMP858TLD serie...

Pressure transmitter flush diaphragm with sanitary tri-clover flanges and DIN plug.
LEEG SMP838 flush diaphragm transmitter

Level Transmitter (Submersible, Made to Spec) - ECEFast Plat...

Hydrostatic level transmitter - submersible 2 wire 4-20mA
Standard SS Platypus with support cable

Platypus PLASTIC BODY submersible level transmitter

Hydrostatic level transmitter for corrosive chemicals
Plastic Platypus [HE]

Radar level IP68 GDRD-61 2 wire with HART and graphics dis...

Radar level for flooding applications GDRD-61 0.3-30M 2 wire 10m cable remote display - IECEx
Submersible IP68 radar level transmitter

Lightning Protection for 2 wire transmitters LPC 10643-24

Lightning protection specifically for two wire transmitters with flying leads to 30Kamps
LPC 10643-24

Flush diaphragm sanitary SS body transmitter LEEG SMP858

Flush diaphragm sanitary SS body pressure transmitter LEEG SMP858 suiting CIP applications and level measurement
LEEG Instruments SMP 858 series
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