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Level Transmitters

Pulse radar systems

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Pulse Radar Level 0-10M liquid GODA - GDRD55 IECEx

Pulse Wave Radar 26GHz for liquids to 10m with flush antenna.. IECEx
GDRD Cont Wave CW55

Pulse Radar Level Transmitter (High Power) - GODA GDRD58 &a...

Heavy duty pulse Radar 26GHz level measurement to 400C, 16 bar & 70m for liquids & solids - IECEx
Goda GDRD59 long range radar

Pulse Radar Transmitter 30M GODA ~ GDRD51.. IECEx

Level transmitter pulse radar level measurement to 30m.- rod antenna 6GHz IECEx
Goda CW51 Radar Level Transmitter

Pulse Radar Level Transmitter - Flange - GODA - GDRD52 cer...

Intermediate model. Pulse radar level measurement to 30m with flange mount 6GHz IECEx
GDRD52 Flange mount Rod antenna

Pulse Radar Level Transmitter GODA - GDRD53 IECEx certific...

Advanced model. Pulse radar 6.3GHz level measurement to 30m. IECEx certificate
GDRD53 Radar Level

Radar level IP68 GDRD-61 2 wire with HART and graphics dis...

Radar level for flooding applications GDRD-61 0.3-30M 2 wire 10m cable remote display - IECEx
Submersible IP68 radar level transmitter
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