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Level Transmitters

Guided Wave Radar

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Guided Wave Radar GODA Level TX 30m - GDGW51 series - IECEx

Guided wave radar systems for liquids & solids level basic version to 30M - IECEx
GDGW51 rope type

Guided wave level & coaxial sensor GODA ~GDGW53 series ...

Level measurement in oils & low K non flammable liquids coaxial guided wave radar - IECEx
GDGW53 with coax sensor

Guided Wave Radar UHT Level TX to 30m - GDGW54 series - IECE...

Guided Wave radar for liquids & solids to 250°C process temperature - IECEx
GDGW Medium Temp GW Radar

Guided Wave radar rope/rod Level TX to 400C - GDGW55 - IECE...

Guided wave radar level for liquids & solids to 400°C process temperature IECEx
GDGW55 ultra high temperature radar

Guided Wave Radar with dual rod/rope antenna for low K - GDG...

Radar level transmitter dual parallel antenna for increased sensitivity in liquids & powder - IECEx
GDGW56  Dual antenna version low K
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