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Single Point Level Switch - Gems

Compact metal body  vertical float level switches - Gems is one of the leading manufacturers of level switches in the world. They have a huge range of standard and custom types for special applications or for efficient assembly in high volume. Small size alloys are available in more than 20 configurations. In addition ECEFast manufactures single and multipoint custom design switches in 316SS.

Part Number GM-01950, GM-26717 and GM-7999 - Series LS-1950

  • 316 SS construction 1/4NPT mounting thread
  • Min SG 0.8
  • Temperatures to 148C  (249C for GM-79999]
  • Pressures to 50bar
  • switch rating 20VA (01950, 79999) 100VA (26717)


Part Number GM-01701 - Series LS-1700

  • Brass and Buna N Construction
  • Min SG 0.45 float dia 25.4mm
  • Temperatures to 80C water & 110C oil
  • Pressures to 10 bar
  • Mounting 1/8 NPT
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
GM-79999 HIGH TEMP -SS vertical float switch 50 bar 249C and 20VA contacts Stock Unavailable $329.00
GM-01701 Gems vertical switch brass & Buna N LS-1700 for low SG Stock Available $112.00
GM-01950 SS vertical switch 50 bar 150C 20VA LS-1950 heavy duty Stock Available $217.00
GM-26717 SS vertical float switch 50 bar 150C 100VA LS-1950 Stock Available $210.00

Additional Information

Gems LS1950 high pressure & temperature 316 SS 344 KB Download PDF
Gems LS1800 & 1900 Large size alloy/plastic 273 KB Download PDF
Gems LS1700 and 1750 miniature metal & metal plast 471 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

There are no manuals currently available for this product..