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Kiln Shell Scanning System - Raytek CS210

The Raytek CS210 is an updated version of the CS100 kiln shell scanning system. Raytek sold more that 130 systems of CS100 and the new software and hardware has improved the functionality enormously. Resolution has increased from 256 points to 1012 points and optical resolution to 300:1 at 50% energy. Blind spot data from single point sensors is integrated into the thermal image, and tyre slip, fan control, and alarm management are all present (when installed) on the main display screen

  • Uses single or dual MP150 scanners with 1012 points each
  • Provides one brick resolution, - user defined zones and fan control
  • System supplied in KIT form for easy installation - only needs final sofware commissioning
  • Blind spot monitoring with single point sensors up 32 - integrated into thermal image
  • Tyre Slip monitoring optional on up to 6 tyres
  • Range 100-650C with high measurement accuracy
  • Image archiving is automated, comparisons and review is simple
  • Refractory Database integrated
  • Optic Fibre data transmission included for ethernet data - single highway.
  • Full field housing and air purge system included - cooling optional
  • Optional integrated burning zone input from two colour single point sensor
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
RY-MP150-HR-0 Line Scanner high resolution 1024 points 100-650C laser sight for kiln shell scanning Not Available For Online Purchase, please contact one of our sales offices.

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Additional Information

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