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Universal Transmitters - PR-4100 series

The most universal of all universal DIN modules with 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Input for RTD, TC, Ohm, potentiometer, mA & V
  • 2 wire transmitter supply > 16V on all models
  • Diagnostic Functions and fault analysis
  • Output for current, voltage- fwd and reverse scaleable
  • Two relays with delays on activate and deactivate
  • Universal AC or DC supply 20-250V
  • Display Tag Number or output value
  • Manual control of all outputs in SIMULATE mode
  • LED display of module status - without the programmer

The PReasy 4100 Series is designed to meet 80% of all normal interface applications, of sensor signal conversion, isolation of input, output and power supply to 2250V, and 2 trip alarm with fully programmable functions. In addition these are programmed by a low cost clip on multi-display module, with scrolling help text for all functions (with password protection). Everything is designed for ease of installation, programming, and fault finding.

  • Universal - 3 product variants cover hundreds of applications
  • User-friendly - Scrolling text help on programming - cannot go wrong
  • Reliable - 5 year product warranty

Video showing the procedure to transfer programs between modules HERE

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
PR-4501 Clip on programmer & display for 4100 series Stock Available $69.00
PR-4114 Universal transmitter isolated 2.25KVAC plus clip on programmer display (not included) Stock Available $262.00
PR-4116 Universal transmitter and alarm unit isolated 2.25KVAC plus clip on programmer display (not included) Stock Available $283.00
PR-4131 Universal trip alarm isolated 2.25KVAC plus clip on programmer display (not included) Stock Available $241.00

Additional Information

PR 4131 Data Sheet 456 KB Download PDF
PR 4116 Data Sheet 467 KB Download PDF
PR 4114 Data Sheet 461 KB Download PDF
PR-4100 series total product brochure 952 KB Download PDF
Signal Isolation Explained 1362 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

PR-4131 Manual 961KB Download PDF
PR-4116 Manual 983KB Download PDF
PR-4114 Manual 897KB Download PDF