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HART, Profibus & Fieldbus DIN rail temperature transmitters - PR-6350A, PR6335A

The PR Electronics 6350A and B modules are state of the art interfaces for sensors to Profibus and Fieldbus networks. They offer low cost isolated inputs with optional PID control, internal alarms, custom linearisation and other advanced features. The bus communication type is detected automatically and applied. IECEx intrinsically safe versions are available, and support documentation is available on the PR Electronics website. PR-6335A is a DIN rail temperature transmitter for HART 5 andHART 7 systems.

  • Inputs for all thermocouples, RTD linear resistance 2,3,4 wire
  • Isolation 1500VAC
  • Power supply 9-32VDC - PR6350
  • Ambient temperature to 60C
  • Damping 1-60s
  • Profibus or Foundation Fieldbus Communications auto detect on PR-6350
  • HART 5 or 7 on PR-6335
  • Resolution on input 24 bits

All documentation including IECEX certification on 6335D is available at the PR website

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
PR-6335A2A Din rail HART Transmitter Stock Unavailable $508.00
PR-6350A2A Universal Input DIN mounts Fieldbus/Profibus transmitter with PID 1 CH Stock Unavailable $653.00
PR-6350A2B Universal Input DIN mounts Fieldbus/Profibus transmitter with PID 2 CH Stock Unavailable $1,229.00

Additional Information

PR-6350A data sheet 459 KB Download PDF
PR-6335A data sheet 459 KB Download PDF
PR-6335D data sheet IECEX approved HART5 466 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

PR-6350 Manual 1906KB Download PDF
PR-6335 Manual 1215KB Download PDF