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Modbus RTU interface/display for PR 4000 + programmers for 3000,4000 & 9000 series

Modbus RTU RS485 communications can be added to any PR electronics 4000 series module using the innovative PR-4511 clip on display. This has the function of the PR-4501 of display and pushbutton interface for setting up the highly configurable modules, but allows connection of the module to a Modbus master as part of a control system.

  • PR-4501 for set up of modules and process/diagnostic display + copy and transfer programs
  • PR-4511 has these functions + allows connection of compatible modules to Modbus master on RS485 network
  • PR4590  allows PR-4501 functions to be applied to the 3000 series [6mm] and allows 4000/9000 series to connect to a PC

Video showing setup of PR-4511 Modbus Comms  HERE

Video showing the use of PR-4501 clip on display HERE

Video showing program transfer between modules HERE

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
PR-4511 Display/ programmer for 4000 series with Modbus RTU RS485 interface Stock Available $138.00
PR-4590 Config mate - PC interface for 3,4 and 9000 series Stock Available $230.00
PR-4501 Clip on programmer & display for 4100 series Stock Available $69.00

Additional Information

Data sheet for PR-4511 Modbus interface - clip on 449 KB Download PDF
Data sheet for standard PR-4501 display/programmer - clip on 136 KB Download PDF
Data sheet for PR-4590 programmer interface for PR3000 series [PR-3114] 461 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Manual for PR-4590 programmer interface for PR3000 series [PR-3114] 2158KB Download PDF