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Professional Infrared Thermometers - Fluke 572-2

The Fluke 572-2 portable infra red thermometer embodies the results of Fluke`s long experience in the field. The 572-2 is a new version replacing the 572 and having features equivalent to the 574. It has type K thermocouple input and wire  probe. All models come in a rugged carry case with detailed instructions. It will store 99 sets of data which can be reread or retrieved via USB with Fluke Forms Software. A look up emissivity table is available. Fluke 572-2 has dual laser sights defining the target size at any range

  • Range -30 to 900°C
  • 60:1 optics at 8-14µ -- dual laser sights
  • High and Low alarms -- multi language interface
  • Emissivity adjustment and emissivity table
  • USB 2.0 interface and Fluke Forms Software
  • 99 point data storage and review
  • Min, Max, Diff  and Average
  • Type K thermometer with standard mini connector


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FK-572-2 Hand Held Infra red thermometer -40 to 900C K thermocouple - in Kit Stock Unavailable $1,700.00

Additional Information

Fluke 572-2 IR thermometer data sheet 1115 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instructions Fluke 572-2 969KB Download PDF