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Infrared Temperature

Hand Held Economy

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Hand Held Infrared Thermometer - CH-AZ-BG32

Infra red thermometer hand held for general use, from -20 to 320°C.

3 in 1 Thermometer (Infrared, RTD & Thermocouple) - Lutr...

Infrared thermometer with inputs for RTD & thermocouple probes.

Dual food thermometer - Comark FoodPro infra red and probe t...

Infra red food thermometer - ranges from -32 to 200°C with optional foldout insertion probe.
Comark FoodPro~~FoodPro-plus version on the left

Rugged Infrared Thermometer - Fluke 62MAX & 62MAX+

Drop resistant to 3 metres & IP54 with readings up to 650°C.

Hand Held Infrared Thermometer - FK-561

Range of -40 to 550°C with type K input & laser sighting.

Combination Food Safety Thermometer - CH-AZ-TNCOMBO

Hand held infrared & type K thermometer from -35 to 250C.

Infrared & Contact Thermometer ALL IN ONE - CH-AZ-TCT303...

Ideal for food safety, features both infrared & probe thermometers.

Infrared Thermometer - CH-AZ-BG48

Measures to 1000C with full set of features.

Infrared Thermometer - CH-AZ-BG 45

Measures from -40 to 500°C with adjustable emissivity with type K to 500°C.

Hand held IR thermometer rugged with data recording - Fluke ...

Hand held IR thermometer rugged construction with data recording range -30 to 600C 20:1 optics - Fluke 64MAX
Fluke 64Max infra red thermometer
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