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IMPACT extrusion pressure sensors unfilled - exclusive from Gefran

Released only in the last few years the Gefran  IMPACT series has been very successful in difficult applications. Using a patented diaphragm and sensor construction the IMPACT series does not require a filling fluid as the pressure is transferred directly to the sensor from the diaphragm. The 15/5 SS diaphragm is 10 to 15 time thicker than conventional sensors and this means very high strength and abrasion resistance. Many electronic functions such as remote control zero - or magnetic switch zero - give corrections for thermal drift and mounting torque

  • Piezoresistive Micro silicon sensor for ranges from 100-1000bar
  • Diaphragm temperatures to 350C 
  • Very low thermal drift -- Zero 1.2%max and span 1% max 20-350C
  • Accuracy +/-0.5% optionally +/-0.25%
  • Familiar style with flexible extension to electronics and 6 or 8 pin connector
  • 1/2, 20 UNF or M18x1.5 with 45 degree seat
  • mV/V or amplified V/I outputs 

For high wearing polymers, transformed product for Medical and pharmaceutical, with RoHS compliance and advanced control functions.

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
GF-IE1S-6MP10M1 IMPACT extrusion pressure sensor 0-10Kpsi 4-20mA flexi stem single style Stock Unavailable $2,990.00

Additional Information

Datasheet for i3 series all body styles mV/V output 488 KB Download PDF
Datasheet for iE series all body styles 4-20mA output 623 KB Download PDF
Datasheet for i7series all body styles 0.5-10.5V DC output 607 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Manual for IE series extrusion sensors 1071KB Download PDF