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IECEx Universal Barrier - PR-9113

The PR 9113 is the fourth module of the 9000 series to be released, and is widely applicable as a stand alone single channel barrier, or in a Powered multichannel assembly on the PR Power Rail system. Power rails require PR-9420 power supply and PR-9410 power manager module, but then each module simply clips on to the rail for advanced features with extreme connective simplicity. The barriers carried a wide range of certification including IECEx for use in Australia, and SIL 2 for Safe loops.

  • Configuration and monitoring via low cost clip on display module
  • Copy programs from one module to another via the module
  • Detects if mA input is active or passive
  • Diagnostics and error codes
  • SIL2 certified by Full Assessment
  • Internal or external CJC for thermocouples
  • DIN rail mount or power through PR Power Rail

Video showing the transfer of programs between modules HERE

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
PR-9113BA IECEX Universal Barrier TC, RTD mA single channel Stock Available $423.00
PR-9113BB IECEX approved Universal IS Barrier TC,RTD & mA dual channel Stock Available $640.00

Additional Information

PR-9113 Data Sheet 477 KB Download PDF
Intrinsically Safe Certificate for PR9113 368 KB Download PDF
PR 9000 series IECEX barrier system brochure 2292 KB Download PDF
SIL2 and IECEX by full assessment 2759 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

PR-9113 Manual 1747KB Download PDF