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Humidity, Dewpoint and water in oil transmitter for hazardous location IECEx EE-300Ex

EE300Ex-HT is the latest version industrial transmitter for humidity, dewpoint and all derived parameters in air and gases, as well as Av and ppm water in oil.

The sensor is available in many versions to cover environments from -40 to 180C and pressures to 300bar. The transmitter is approved for gas and dust applications generally to Ex ia IIB,C T4Ga Gb  under the IECEx system. Full details of the certification and the certificates are available on the E+E website HERE.

Thee system is configurable using a PC and interface tool EE-PCA, and can be set up for many different parameters derived from RH and temperature such as wet bulb, frost point, dew point and others. The same probe can be configured for measuring Av  [water] in oil at pressures up to 300 bar.  Yet another version can be used to measure dew point in natural gas at line pressures to 250bar.

  • Probe installation in Zone 0
  • Optional display and 4 different probe configurations
  • 2 wire transmitter Vmax 28VDC and suitable barrier to safe area
  • High measurement accuracy and stability
  • Coated sensor for chemically agressive enviroment
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EE-300EX-HT6S-XX Industrial transmitter for RH, Td, Aw in air, gas and oil -full product code required Stock Unavailable $0.00

Additional Information

Data sheet for EE300Ex HT industrial transmitter for hazardous areas 765 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Manual [part only] for EE300Ex HT for hazardous areas 2257KB Download PDF