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Compact Infrared Temperature Transmitters - Raytek Mi3 IECEx

IECEx Non Contact Temperature  using the most technically advanced sensor available

  • Digital output interchangeable heads rated to 120C ambient, with 180C rating optional 
  • OEM development kits to interface heads digital data directly
  • Versions from -40 to 1650C plus new high temperature versions at 1micron 1.6 micron [separate listing]
  • 4-20mA, Volts, J,K thermocouple outputs selectable with push buttons
  • Fast response 20msec version [LTF]- standard response time is 130msec
  • Up to 8 heads per digital box - optional digital outputs - RS485, Modbus , Profibus & Ethernet
  • Optics 2:1, 10:1, 22:1  with "screw on" close focus adaptor OR window assembly

Raytek MI3 series is the latest release from the world leader in infra red temperature measurement. The replacement for the highly successful MID series has many improvements and extensions to the range. There are digital transmitters for 4 or 8 heads, giving very low costs per measured point, and there is an OEM head that can be integrated to PLCs or digital controllers directly.  Cables can be cut to length and are available from 1 to 30M lengths. The new digital heads have low temperature coefficient, are rated to 120C,(option 180C) IP65, and retain their calibration - allowing hot swapping of heads.

There is a full range of mounting and protection accessories such as air purge, window assemblies and brackets. Digital Communications can be RS485 Serial, Modbus, or Profibus in different models. 1 micron and 1.6 micron high temperature units listed separately.

Now available with IECEx certification for INTRINSIC SAFETY

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
RY-MI3-20LTSCB8 Long range head 0-1000C 22:1 optics 8M cable Stock Available $960.00
RY-MI3-COMM Electronics package with display and programming buttons field mount IP65 Stock Available $361.00
RY-MIACAJ Air purge collar for MI3 miniature head Stock Available $148.00
RY-MI3-10LTSCB3 Low temperature head -40 +600C 10:1optics 3M cable Stock Available $650.00
RY-MI3-10LTS Head 10:1 optics -40 to 600C 130 msec 8-14 microns 120C ambient Stock Available $600.00
RY-MIACPW Amtir window - screw on - max 180C ambient Stock Available $154.00
RY-MI3-10LTSCB8 Low temperature head -40 +600C 10:1 8M cable Stock Available $740.00
RY-MI3-20LTS Measuring head 22:1 optics, 0-1000C, 120C ambient rating 8-14 microns Stock Unavailable $820.00

Additional Information

Raytek MI3 Compact IR Transmitter Profibus Modbus IECEx version 2015 1251 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instructions Raytek MI3 series IECEx version 2015 4705KB Download PDF