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Humidity & dewpoint measurement at >95%RH - EE33

The EE33 series humidity transmitter uses a new technology sensor for use in conditions of extreme pressure, presence of strong chemicals and continuous measurement at very high relative humidity. Ideal for Measurement of RH during temporary condensation - the measuring cell is heated briefly but intensely at intervals . Measurement of dew point at continuous high humidity, measuring cell is heated continuously..Measurement of RH at high continuous humidity - Measuring cell is heated continuously and a temperature sensor added ....Measurement at high chemical exposure - sensor is heated intensly for short periods. Measurement at pressures to 100 bar - special sensor constructions are used.  All versions are PC programmable, optionally they can be supplied for networking on RS485 or ethernet and with PC software for analysis             

  • Working from -40 to 180C and 0-100% RH
  • Versions for data logging and PC networking with RS485 and ethernet
  • EE33 with output assignable to all calculated variables -eg Dew Point
  • High measurement accuracy in all operating conditions - typically 1.5%
  • Power supply 24V AC or DC
  • Two freely selectable outputs voltage or current
  • Optional digital display on (metal) housing

Please ask for assistance in selecting the appropriate model for your application - see EE-211 for high RH applications at normal ambient temperatures and pressures such as agriculture, incubators, mushrooms and ripening rooms.

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
EE-33MFTC-D05HC High RH Tx with Comms, Display, and coated sensor - remote mount to 120C Not Available For Online Purchase, please contact one of our sales offices.

Additional Information

EE33 Technical data & part number construction 1150 KB Download PDF
Accessories for EE33 installations 1696 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operation manual for EE-33 2868KB Download PDF