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High RH continuous exposure >85% with dual outputs configurable EE-211 series

The new EE211 transmitter features a heated sensing probe, which leads to improved long-term stability and high accuracy under continuous high-humidity and even condensing conditions. The device is ideal for climate control in fruit and vegetable storage, in greenhouses, incubators, ripening processes or in mushroom growing.

No condensation on the sensor
The integrated heater keeps the sensing head of the humidity probe permanently on over-temperature. This avoids dewing of the sensor and prevents condensation-related dirt deposits as well as corrosion of the sensor. Furthermore, the unique E+E protective coating protects the active sensor surface from contamination and corrosive influences.
Precise measurements and calculated values
The EE211 calculates the dew point temperature (Td) based on the RH and temperature values measured by the heated humidity probe. A separate, interchangeable temperature probe measures the ambient temperature (T). From Td and T the EE211 calculates back the ambient relative humidity as well as additional physical quantities like absolute humidity, mixing ratio, wet-bulb temperature or specific enthalpy.
Digital and analogue outputs
The measured values are available on the Modbus RTU interface or on two analogue current or voltage outputs. The Modbus RTU parameters and the scaling of the analogue outputs can be set with the free configuration software.

  • IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure - optional display of 3 variables 
  • Cast electronics of the humidity probe - remote or integral temperature probe
  • Interchangeable temperature probe, separately calibratable
  • One or two-point adjustment for RH and T
  • Configurable with optional PCA interface for all calculated variables - dual output

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EE-211-M1A6D2/MT Transmitter for continuous high RH in harsh conditions - RH/T 4-20ma Display RS485 Modbus Stock Unavailable $1,450.00

Additional Information

Datasheet for EE211for continuous exposure to high RH 1519 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating manual for EE-211 series 1208KB Download PDF