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Gas Sensors & Measurement


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CO2, RH & Temperature Transmitter HVAC wall mount - EE80...

Wall mounted CO2 transmitter (with RH and T options) for HVAC ventilation control from E+E
EE-800 CO2, RH and T transmitter

CO2 transmitters for agricultural & industrial applicat...

Reliable measurement of ambient CO2 in demanding industrial and agricultural environments with EE-820
EE-820 industrial CO2 transmitter

CO2 Transmitter for HVAC ~ Duct Mount - EE850

Duct mount CO2 transmitter for HVAC & combined CO2, and passive temperature.
EE850 duct mount CO2 transmitter

Multi-function hand held meter/ datalogger - EE Omniport 30

Hand held meter universal for relative humidity, T, Td, CO2, air velocity with logging... in mobile phone like package EE Omniport 30
EE Omniport 30

Air Quality Meter - AQ-9901SD

Measures temperature,TD, humidity, CO2, CO & oxygen with SD card logging.

CO2 Meter - Lutron GC-2018 & 2028

Hand held meter for measuring carbon dioxide Lutron GC-2018

Humidity, Temperature & CO2 Data Logger - LU-MCH-383SD

Wall mount display with SD card logging for CO2, RH & temperature.
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