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Hand Held Thermometers

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Type K Thermometer - AT-35100-K, 35200-K

Type K rugged thermometer water resistant, ranges -73 to 537°C.standard miniplug connector

Blue2 bluetooth thermometer from Cooper Atkins - type K

Blue2 bluetooth thermometer from Cooper Atkins - type K - 92010-K
20100-K Blue2 thermometer with probe fitted

HACCP recording thermometer & control system Comark HT10...

HACCP touch recording thermometer & control system with PC software - colour touch screen Comark HT100
Comark HT100 touch screen HACCP controller with PK19 probe

Kelsius FoodCheck HACCP management & recording system

Wireless food safety system HACCP- manage food temperatures & sanitation programs on "the cloud" with Kelsius
Kelsius KTAB tablet interface

HACCP Manager Kit - temperature and control for foodsafety A...

Advanced logging thermometer - temperature and control for Food Safety Atkins 93710 - control and reporting for compliance with food safety program with USB PC connection.
HACCP Managers Kit

Food Thermometer (Type T & PST Sensors) - Comark C22

Premium waterproof food thermometer for T thermocouples & PST sensors.
Comark C22 food thermometer

HACCP Auditor Data Management System - Comark N5001

Advanced food safety temperature logger for control of food safety & due diligence plans & procedures Comark Auditor N5001

General Purpose Thermometer K - Comark KM-C28

Waterproof & durable type K thermometer for food and other applications to 600C

Food Thermometer Type T - Comark KM-C26

Highly accurate Type T thermometer for food safety applications.

Food Thermometer - Comark KM-C21

Probe food thermometer ranges from -50 to 150C with 5+ years expected battery life
Comark C21 thermometer

Compact Thermometer - Digithermo CH-AZ-SA880SSX

Hand held thermometer measures -50 to 260°C with timer & alarms.

Waterproof Thermometer with Attached Probe - Cooper Atkins 3...

"Wrap & Stow" thermometers for fast food restaurants

Thermometer - compact with separate probe - waterproof, alar...

Thermometer - compact with separate probe - waterproof, alarms CH-HACCPTHERM
HACCPTHERM thermometer with standard probe attached
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