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Compact Thermometer - Digithermo CH-AZ-SA880SSX

The original and best "Digithermo" compact thermometer from ECEFast. Digital Thermometer Digithermo SA880SSX is the genuine "Digithermo" hand held thermometer which has been widely used in Australia for many years. It packs more features in its compact form than any of its competitors and it delivers accuracy, and a wide temperature range for low cost.

When supplied with a NATA certificate, it becomes a super economy reference thermometer for your business.

  • Range -50 to 260°C
  • Operating ambient temperature 0 to 50°C
  • SS probe 3.5mm x 120mm- attached on flexible lead
  • Max & min function
  • Hi/lo audible alarms
  • Countdown timer
  • NATA option certified at -18, 0 and 100C
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
CH-AZ-SA880SSX Pocket thermometer/timer with alarms- attached probe -50-260C Stock Available $88.00
FL-CAL-FOOD NATA calibration certificate for Food thermometer/probe at -18C, 3C and 70C [only] Stock Unavailable $75.00
CH-AZ-SA88-NATA Thermometer hand held with probe AZ-SA88 including 3pt NATA Certificate -18,0, 100C Stock Available $145.00

Additional Information

Digithermo family data sheet and specifications 191 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instructions SA880SSX thermometer 102KB Download PDF