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Food Probes for Thermometers

Comark manufactures a large range of hand held probes. These include sensors for the FOOD industry as well as industrial types. Connector type L - for Lumberg designates thermistor and thermocouple probes specifically for some Comark Instruments. Connector type M designates general purpose probes that can be used on instruments from any manufacturer using standard miniature flat pin connectors - provided the thermocouple type matches. Download the complete data sheet to review the choices - all are availabe from ECEFast.

  • Penetration, air temperature, and surface type sensors
  • Temperatures from -200 to 1100 degrees C
  • Thermistor and compensated thermocouple types for Comark Instruments - Lumberg connector
  • Standard thermocouple probes for universal use types T and K - with miniature flat pin connectors
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
KM-SK21M Hand held surface probe type K with small 7.5mm diameter head and 100mm shaft to 250C Stock Available $127.00
KM-AX24L Air Probe Flexible 1M probe with sensor at tip and Lumberg Connector Stock Available $95.50
KM-PX22L Penetration probe PST- white end cap with teflon lead and Lumberg plug Stock Available $118.00
KM-PK19M Penetration Probe Type K mini plug curly cable and stepped probe to 2mm dia x 110mm Stock Available $104.00
KM-PX16L Fast response penetration probe for KM-C21 and C22 thermometers Stock Available $133.00
KM-PT24L Penetration probe Type T with Lumberg Connector 100 x 3 mm 250C Stock Available $190.00
KM-PX22L/C Comark penetration probe to suit KM-21 with curly cable and Lumberg plug Stock Available $133.00

Additional Information

Comark Range of Hand Held Probes of all types 311 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

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