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Flow sensors, transmitters & switches

Flow Switches

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Paddle Flow Switch - LFS-01H

Paddle flow switch - select paddle size for flow / no-flow indication in a wide variety of pipe sizes.

Thermal Flow Switch - Finetek SP200 Series

Thermal flow switch for water & oil based liquids with no moving parts SS construction Finetek SP200 series
Finetek SP200 series thermal flow switch

Plastic Flow Switches - Gems FS4

14mm, 0.4-6 l/min, widely used, reliable & rugged.

Flow Switch - Gems RotorFlow RFS

Flow switch - paddle wheel type with switching electronics Gems RotorFlow RFS
Gems RotorFlow RFS with PP housing

Flow switch - high pressure in line (to 107 Bar) - Gems FS38...

Flow switch - compact metal for high line pressures Gems FS380 series
FS 380 with threaded connection

Bronze & Stainless Steel Flow Switches - Gems FS200

In line flow switch Gems FS200 suitable for water & high flow oil applications with over 70 models available.
Gems FS200 bronze body

Paddle flow switch SS 3/4BSP for minimum DN25 pipe BR-LFS-04...

Paddle flow switch SS 3/4BSP for minimum DN25 pipe BR-LFS-04H with DIN connector to 150C
Borus LFS-04 paddles switch as supplied

Alloy piston flow switch - adjustable & viscosity compen...

Alloy piston flow switch - BSP threads - adjustable & viscosity compensated Gems FS-105E, FS-107E
Gems FS-105E and FS-107E
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