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Thermal Flow Switch - Finetek SP200 Series

Thermal Flow switches are rugged, zero maintenance - with no moving parts. The thermal flow switch  operation is based on the principle of thermal dispersion. A typical configuration uses two temperature detectors set within the tip of the sensor. One temperature detectors is heated to a few degrees above the other. As the process medium flows over the tip of the sensor it disperses some of the heat from the heated temperature detector. The delta temperature is a function of flow velocity and converted into an electronic signal. The open collector [or relay] changes state once the set point has been reached. This switch is available in SS construction with 1/2BSP process connection. Features:

  • Detection of flow in pipes of different diameters
  • -20 to 80C and up to 100bar static pressure
  • LED display for flow level and alarm status
  • Open collector alarm output or relay output
  • Power 24V DC
  • Speed measuring range water: 1~150 cm/s
  • Speed measuring range oil: 3~300 cm/s
  • Material SUS304 or 316 and IP67 rated available
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
FT-SP1501 Thermal flow switch SP200-0-BT-A/B ..304 SS IP67 O/C output Stock Unavailable $650.00
FT-SP1502 Thermal flow switch SP200-6-BT-A/B .. 316SS IP67 O/C output Stock Unavailable $735.00

Additional Information

SP SF series thermal flow switch data sheet 1269 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

There are no manuals currently available for this product..