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Weld in ultrasonic sensors for TTFM with isolation ball valve

Insertion sensor TTFM - compatible with all flow meters. For applications where the pipe material is unsuitable for clamp-on flow transducers, it is possible to use insertion sensors that are mounted through the pipe wall and so will have direct contact with the process fluid (and stronger signal). The sensor is made in SS but mounts through a bronze body ball valve - so the materials must all be compatible. The weld on adaptor provided is carbon steel wth diameter 34mmand the mount thread M20. The installation geometry has to be carefully determined as there is only adjustment on one axis, plus rotation, once the adaptors are welded in position.

  • Suits pipes above DN50
  • Long and short rod versions - adjustable insertion at installation
  • Rod length overall 186mm / alt 330mm
  • Waterproof IP67 construction
  • Isolation ball vave - replace under pressure
  • Max 16 Bar

Installation VIDEO

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
DT-TUF-TC-1 Insertion TTFM flow sensor standard length - pair - 160C Stock Available $300.00
DT-TUF-TC-2 Insertion TTFM flow sensor - long stem for thick wall pipes - pair - 160C Stock Unavailable $350.00

Additional Information

Data sheet for weld in sensors type TC-x 136 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Insertion sensor installation manual 626KB Download PDF