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Flow sensors, transmitters & switches

Flow in gases

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Air velocity transmitter HVAC for air ducts - EE650, EE-660...

HVAC duct air velocity transmitter, measures 0 - 20 m/sec. (EE-650) and 0 - 2m/sec (EE-660) for laminar flow cabinets
EE 660 low flow transmitter 0-1m/s

Flow Meter for Compressed Gases - EE 771

Thermal mass flow transmitter/totalliser with alarm for compressed air flow.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters - Series MF200A, MF250A & MF100...

Mostek MF series - heavy duty industrial flow transmitter for non adhesive gases to 370C.
Mostek MF100Ex thermal mass flow meter

Annubar -averaging pitot - insertion flow meter - ECEFast We...

Custom built DP sensors - based on pitot principle with multiple tappings - custom made.

Insertion Flowmeter for compressed air & gases - EE-776

Thermal mass flow measurement of gases to 16Bar and up to 700mm ducts
EE776 insertion mass flow meter

Air flow meter for compressed air & other gases - for DN...

Air flow meter for compressed air and other gases - modular for DN15,20 and 25 pipes- separate electronics package fits all sizes of the separate in line fitting E+E model 741
EE-741 gas flow meter with in line pipe fitting
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