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Ultrasonic thickness gauge DH-TDS110

The TDS-110 is a universal meter for measuring thickness of dense solids. Whilst it is offered in the context of being used to measure pipe wall thickness for calibrating transit time flow meters, it is usefull for any production or maintenance measurements. Calibration is determined by entering the velocity of sound in the measured material - then the meter will read wall thickness. There is a look up table for common materials.  Zero, calibration and two point calibrations are possible

Data can be saved in 5 files of 100 readings and downloaded to a PC using the cable supplied.

  • Measuring range for 0.75mm to 300.0mm
  • Sound velocity setting range 1000-9999m/sec
  • Resolution 0.01mm to 99.99mm then 0.1mm above that
  • Accuracy 0.5% +0.02mm - depending on material and conditions
  • 5MHz probe - Lower limit for steel pipe dia 20mm x 3mm
  • 10MHz probe - Lower limit for steel pipe dia 15mm x 2mm
  • For printers and other options - see data sheet.
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
DH-TDS110 Hand held ultrasonic thickness meter to 99.99mm - logging Stock Available $785.00
DT-TUF-COMP-30ML Ultrasonic transfer compound - silicon grease base - in 30ml jar - extra container Stock Unavailable $20.00

Additional Information

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge data sheet 170 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instructions DH-TDS110 ultrasonic thickness gauge 991KB Download PDF