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Heat Stress WBGT Meter - LU-WBGT-2010SD

Determine when it is safe to undertake strong physical activity in hot weather!

  • Direct measurement of radiation effect with 75mm black ball -Pt100
  • Alarm setting with buzzer / flashing display
  • Humidity Measurement - fast response
  • Real time clock with data logging function - data to SD card
  • Manual logging of data using button - 99 sets
  • Data hold, max and min recording
  • SD card not included - Optional USB interface and PC software is available

WBGT heat stress meter concept (wet bulb global temperature) was developed as a monitoring basis in US military training camps, and has become widespread for use in workplaces and sports venues. It is suggested in ISO 7243 in establishing permissable heat exposure limits in helath, sports or othe physical activities. It can be used to establish a non subjective criteria for imposing limits on physical activity in extreme conditions, and to measure work places to determine the work patterns that may be safe where the conditions are unavoidable. The meter measures the globe temperature with Pt100 high accuracy sensor in a black sphere, and combines this with ambient temperature and relative humidity to calculate the index  It can log the values at intervals from 1 to 3600 seconds and saves then to SD card. This can be transferred to a PC for analysis using standard spread sheet software.

Tables show relative intensity of effort suggested for the heat stress index in different value bands

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Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
LU-SD-8GB Optional 8Gb SD card for loggers Stock Available $18.00
LU-POWER-9V Lutron plug pack 240V /9V DC Australian Stock Available $31.40
LU-WBGT-2010SD Heat Stress WBGT meter with SD card data logger - determination of safe exertion in hot weather Stock Unavailable $419.00
LU-SWU801-WIN Review logged data with graphics Stock Available $93.00

Additional Information

Heat Stress WBGT meter & data logger - data sheet 522 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

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