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Dual food thermometer - Comark FoodPro infra red and probe type in one

The Comark / Fluke  FoodPro Series is designed especially for Food Safety applications. It offers rugged waterproof design and choice of infrared or infrared and contact probe. Accuracy is conforming with Australian regulation & the HACCP LED  alarm is at 4°C & 60°C. A unique white light illuminates the approximate measured area.

A tool for professionals!

FoodPro features:

  • Range -30 to 200°C
  • Accuracy ±1°C ~ 0 to 65°C
  • Response 500 mSec
  • White LED target sighting and illumination
  • Distance to spot 2.5:1
  • Minimum target size 12mm   -- Working distance 25 to 250MM
  • IP54 washable - not immersible  with  HACCP go/ no-go led alarm lights

FoodProPlus features (additional to FoodPro)

  • Replaceable penetration probe
  • -40 to 200°C RTD sensor folds out for use
  • ±0.5°C for ambient  -5 to 65°C stabilised


Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
KM-FOODPRO IR non contact thermometer for Food Safety -30 to 200C - water resistant Stock Available $189.00
KM-FOODPROPLUS IR non contact/contact thermometer for Food Safety -35 to 375C /-40-200C for penetration probe Stock Available $315.00

Additional Information

Data sheet for Foodpro and FoodPro-plus contact/infra red thermometer 338 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instructions Comark FoodPro 795KB Download PDF