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Positioner sensor for hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders - Gefran RK5

Hydraulic cylinder position transducer offering significant advantages to manufacturers, the RK5 series is one of the first sensors able to mount entirely within the cylinder. This gives mechanical protection & IP67/68 rating  depending on the cylinder design. It is compatible with a wide range of mineral & synthetic oils and pressures to 350bar

  • Magnetostrictive non contact - highly accurate - unlimited life
  • Strokes 50 to 2500mm
  • Linearity 0.04%
  • Working -40 to 105°C
  • Allows yoke on cylinder end
  • Analog outputs - 6 types - power supply from 8-32VDC depending on output
  • Speeds to 10M/sec
  • Wide range of cursors - easily engineered into cylinder  design

Complete sensor solution VIDEO

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
GF-RK5-AF1000E Position sensor for hydraulic cylinder 1000mm stroke 4-20mA output Stock Unavailable $945.00

Additional Information

Gefran RK5 data sheet - analog and digital outputs 635 KB Download PDF
Gefran RK5-C data sheet for CanBus output 829 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operation manual for RK-5C with CanBus output 411KB Download PDF