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Autoclave data loggers pressure and temperature withTecnosoft PressureDisk

Tecnosoft PressureDisk -standard

PressureDisk is rugged SS data logger for autoclave applications, with a user replaceable battery rated to 140C and 0.1 to 5 bar absolute. The temperature sensor  is on a radial probe, while the pressure sensor has a ½ BSP thread  that can be attached externally to a process if required [normally mounted in-process]

  • Validation of autoclaves or other instruments that need verification of pressure control.[use optional TS-MANAGER software
  • Internal pressure monitoring of food and non-food packaging during sterilisation process.
  • Monitoring of sterilisation and pasteurisation processes.
  • Ambient temperature and pressure monitoring.

The TS Manager system is particularly indicated for autoclaves validators, since it allows management of a customer database, with the list of each instrument for each application. Being FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compatible it can be easily implemented in every monitoring and validation process. For example, it can be used to validate autoclaves in hospitals, in analysis laboratories, in dentists office. TS-MANAGER is optional software available as a separate part number if required.
Basic software: 

 The loggers can be used with two different software: HumiPressureDisk software and TS Manager. See the data sheet for more details. The HumiPressureDisk is a basic software free licensed to program PressureDisk data logger and download data .  It has basic functions such as: 
  • Loggers configuration, prior to mission
  • Data download
  • Graph display of the recorded acquisitions; 
  • Export data to excel file.
To communicate with the loggers you will need the DiskInterface HS
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
TC-TS13PRD0 PressureDisk for autoclave logging pressure only ..0-5b Absolute to 140C Stock Unavailable $1,850.00
TC-TS13PRD Pressure/temperature logger for autoclave 140C 5 barA Stock Unavailable $2,850.00
TC-TS13TSM Software TS-Manager data analysis & validation CFR21Part11 autoclave loggers [Optional - can use free download if validation not required] Stock Unavailable $1,950.00

Additional Information

Technosoft pressure disk for "through process" measurement of temperature and pressure 457 KB Download PDF
Interface for data download required for all Technosoft autoclave loggers 501 KB Download PDF
Complete software system for thermal validation of a process 304 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

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