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Serial to WiFi converter for Lutron hand held meters LU-RSW923

WiFi transmitter Lutron RSW-923 was created to allow wireless transmission of data from any Lutron meter which has a serial port [and that is almost ANY of the range] to a PC for view and storage, or to view on a smart phone. Each RSW-923 will connect to up to 3 hand held meters of any type with a total of 12 channels across the 3 meters. The system can include up to 8 WiFi transmitters for a total of 96 channels.

  • Connect 3 Lutron meters (total 12 data channels) to one RSW-923 by cable
  • Connect Android or IoS device to 4 meters each with up to 12 channels
  • Log data from 1 minute to 60 minutes interval.
  • If using a smart device - alarms can trigger SMS messaging
  • Connect to PC running LU-SW818 software  for similar functionality
  • Files saved are compatible with stanbdard spread sheet programs .xml file.
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
LU-RSW923 RS232 to WiFi converter for Lutron hand held meters Stock Available $358.00
LU-SW818 Windows software for RSW-923 for data display and storage Stock Unavailable $78.50

Additional Information

Data sheet on RSW-923 WiFi converter 858 KB Download PDF
Data sheet on SW818 PC software for RSW-923 219 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instructions Lutron WiFi converter RSW-923 585KB Download PDF
Operating instructions for SW-818 PC software 2291KB Download PDF