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IceSpy Notion Lite wireless cloud temperature monitoring system for up to 30 transmitters

Notion Lite (video links below)  is a new product of the new brand Notion, under the IMC Group Limited. Replacing, and building on the IceSpy products, IMC has drawn on 25 years of experience in temperature monitoring to develop the best possible wireless solution for "Do it yourself" monitoring. Using 434MHz wireless for long range and low interference results in a massive improvement in reliability in different installation situations when compared with the common 2.4GHz systems.

The mantra for  Notion Lite is "5 simple steps towards temperature compliance" because installing and setting up a complete new system has only 5 simple steps based on using a normal system router.   The Notion Lite system will handle up to 30 temperatures [and door open switches], and there is a higher level version called Notion Pro for more, and more varied inputs including RH, CO2 and process signals with extreme temperature ranges to -200C and high accuracy installations with Pt100 probes. (listed separately ) Contact our sales office for any larger system inquiry

  • Data access over the internet - anywhere.. anytime - receiver with battery back up.
  • Automatic archiving of historical data
  • Up to 30 transmitters with internal or external probes and door sensor input - in different models [maximum system]
  • User replaceable batteries with long battery life 2 years
  • Calibration of transmitters as a service from ECEFast
  • Complete KIT with 3 internal sensor temperature transmitters, and all parts to set up an operating system
  • Add extra sensors to the starter kit as required - max 30 in total
  • -30 to 50C internal sensors or -40 to 100C with external sensors on a lead [versions with and without door switch]

VIDEO with system overview

VIDEO with software demonstration

VIDEO- 5 simple steps to get your Notion Lite System set up

Connect to a demo system   NOTION_ECE_DEMOSITE

Use user name :DemoNlite  and password :qbqprkzz  

Click on the data icon to see temperature history - see how easy it is to navigate and get the best from this product,

NOTE: The auto install process of establishing a "cloud server" requires the user to enter credit card details in the secure system, to pay the monthly charge of 6GBP per month - approximately $A12.00/month. If you want SMS alarms [email alarms are standard] there is zero set up fee and a small charge per SMS.


Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
NL-LK003F1 Notion Lite start kit with 3 temperature transmitters and a base station - ready to go Stock Available $1,210.00
NL-WT001F1 Air temperature transmitter with no external sensors Stock Unavailable $195.00
NL-WT003F1 Air temperature transmitter with connection for external thermistor probe Stock Available $240.00
NL-WT004F1 Air temperature transmitter with connection for external thermistor probe and door switch Stock Available $290.00

Additional Information

Notion Lite system datasheet 1217 KB Download PDF
Notion Lite healthcare brochure - ECEFast introductio 2160 KB Download PDF
Notion Lite food safety brochure - ECEFast introduction 1939 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Simple 5 step set up instructions for Notion Lite 1291KB Download PDF