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Data Acquisition Systems

Special Function Systems

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Kiln Tracker - Datapaq

Kiln monitoring system for the brick, tile & ceramic tunnel kilns
Datapaq Kilntracker RF  Kit

High temperature miniature SS logger Tecnosoft S-Micro 140C...

Autoclave high temperature miniature SS logger Tecnosoft S-Micro 140C
S-Micro autoclave loggers SS body

Vaccine fridge monitoring system 3G ~ fully automated cloud...

Vaccine fridge monitoring system 3G ~ fully automated cloud solution one of many offered by ECEFast
3G unit sits on top of fridge with plug pack supply

IceSpy Notion Lite wireless cloud temperature monitoring sys...

Notion Lite wireless "cloud based" temperature monitoring system for up to 30 transmitters in a user-install kit
Notion Lite system photo with kit components

Kelsius FoodCheck HACCP management & recording system

Wireless food safety system HACCP- manage food temperatures & sanitation programs on "the cloud" with Kelsius
Kelsius KTAB tablet interface

HACCP Manager Kit - temperature and control for foodsafety A...

Advanced logging thermometer - temperature and control for Food Safety Atkins 93710 - control and reporting for compliance with food safety program with USB PC connection.
HACCP Managers Kit

Wireless Monitoring System - Comark RF500

Wireless monitoring system for reliable measurement of temperature, humidity & other parameters with low cost installation.

HACCP Auditor Data Management System - Comark N5001

Advanced food safety temperature logger for control of food safety & due diligence plans & procedures Comark Auditor N5001

Web Based Monitoring System - RampX

ECEFast designed system for remote data acquisition, environmental monitoring & alarming.
monitoring system_500_img

Temperature Match Concrete Curing System - ECEFast Mimic

Custom designed system for temperature match curing of in-situ concrete within the laboratory.
concrete curing_500_img

Diesel Engine Supervision System - Marine Vision

Dual Marine Diesel Engine monitoring system - an effective integration of a whole project including all software, hardware & sensors.

Temperature Acquisition for Rotomoulding Processes - Datapaq...


Autoclave data loggers pressure and temperature withTecnosof...

Tecnosoft pressure disk SS data logger system to validate pressure and temperature in autoclave and cooking processes to 5 bar Absolute and 140C
Technosoft pressure disk autoclave logger
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