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Pulse Radar Level Transmitter (High Power) - GODA GDRD58 & 59

Bringing the reliability of Radar to level measurement the GDRD58 and GDRD59 provide an excellent solution where the application is long range, low K or with extreme conditions. Since these use electromagnetic waves for measurement, they are much less prone to interference, and the GODA models are offered by us with graphic display and push button programming as standard. The display ensures optimum adjustment during commissioning using the echo waveform. GDRD58 series can have process temperature to 400C and pressures to 16 bar, while GDRD59 is rated to 250C. Standard connections are threaded or flanged. Flanges can be PP, PTFE coated or 316SS with self aligning gimbal styles available - sized to suit antenna diameter. Software and adaptors are available for remote setup and linearisation using HART communications and a PC.

Part numbers quoted are base models to help select options on the data sheet.

  • Range to 70M - liquids or solids operating at 26GHz
  • Process Connection 1 1/2 BSP 316LSS -- Option Flange DN50 to DN250
  • Antenna Horn to 123mm diameter or parabolic to 246mm
  • Gimbal flange option for alignment of beam
  • 2 wire 4-20mA - Communications HART
  • Process -40-400C, -1+16bar, 95%RH
  • Programmable with display and push buttons
  • Damping 0-20sec programmable

NOW Certified to IECEx  Exia IIC T6..T3Ga

Applicaton guarantee if application form completed plus 2 years warranty

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
GD-CW59-PBGP2BBM Radar Level TX solids 70M Flange Horn normal Display HART Not Available For Online Purchase, please contact one of our sales offices.
GD-CW58-PBGP2BBM Radar Level TX solids 70M Flange Horn harsh Display HART Not Available For Online Purchase, please contact one of our sales offices.

Additional Information

Pulse Radar GDRD58 to 70M - high power -horn and parabolic antenna 528 KB Download PDF
GODA level application form - customer to complete 66 KB Download PDF
Pulse radar GDRD59 to 70M solids 999 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Installation and operating guide 3749KB Download PDF
Configuration with display and push buttons 1795KB Download PDF
Configuration with HART modem and PC 1220KB Download PDF