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Stand alone controller digital display -200 to 1200C 10 amp switch - ECEFast Gecko

Gecko from ECEFast is a modern plug in controller for ovens, refrigeration systems and furnaces. It will accept all sensors including Pt100, thermocouple and mV, V and mA, but is configured for two wire T/C sensor inputs type K standard. RTD versions can be supplied on request . The controller uses fuzzy logic to set PID parameters and provides excellent control under most situations. The Gecko will ramp to setpoint at a set rate in °C/min and hold for a period set in minutes to 3600 mins. These features can be disabled to allow standard operation. All menu items not required to operate the Gecko can be hidden, so for example, only set point, ramp rate and hold time appear on the menu. RS485 digital communications is available as an option including matching PC software and RS232/RS485 converter. This allows PC data acquisition and display for up to 31 controllers.


  • Input: J,K,T,E,B,R,S & N thermocouple
  • Fuzzy modified PID heat & cool control - remote set point
  • Fast A-D sampling rate (5 times/s) with high accuracy 18-bit A-D
  • RS-485, RS-232 interface option
  • Supports manual control & auto-tune function
  • Wide selection of alarm modes
  • Soft-start ramp and dwell timer

 Delivery approx 7 days for assembly

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
EC-GECKO-RTD RTD input Stock Unavailable $455.00
EC-GECKO-J type J thermocouple input Stock Unavailable $395.00
EC-GECKO-K type K thermocouple input (standard) Stock Unavailable $395.00

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