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Advanced Controllers & Indicators - Eurotherm 3000 Series

Whether it’s for excellence in control, ease of use or its flexible and creative solutions, the Eurotherm 3000 Series controllers are a problem solver for many applications, saving you time and money. Eurotherm 3200 Series Quick start codes; automatic help text; custom text messages, and an auto-tune that really works ensures the 3200 range makes high performance control simple to implement and easy to operate.

  • ‘Out of box’ operation using QuickStart code for fast initial set-up
  • Internal timer and set point programming
  • Integration with PLCs and PCs using Modbus protocol
  • One shot auto-tuning for quick and easy commissioning
  • Scrolling text custom alarm information for easy operations
  • Heater failure detection and integral ammeter display
  • Recipe selection for greater flexibility in application solving
  • Economical solution for multi-zone operations with analogue remote set point or communications

Eurotherm 3500 Series The 3508 and 3504 offer much more than temperature control – advanced features and options make them capable of small machine control. They provide flexible I/O options to control and measure a multitude of processes – temperature, carbon potential, humidity, flow, pressure, level, viscosity, additive dosing and many more.

  • Flexible units with input and output modularity - up to 6 I/O slots with 15 different module types. Up 20 more I/O with external expander option.
  • Dual loop – control processes with two interactive variables
  • Precision PV measurement combined with high performance control
  • A host of maths, logic and timing features along with zirconia and humidity function blocks
  • With free iTools software, the Graphical Wiring Editor makes flexible solutions not possible in standard controllers
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Additional Information

Eurotherm 3000 Series Brochure 1959 KB Download PDF
Eurotherm 3200 Controller Series Data Sheet 258 KB Download PDF
Eurotherm 3216 Controller Data Sheet 71 KB Download PDF
Eurotherm Product Selection Guide 3022 KB Download PDF

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