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Instrument covers for panel mount instruments - transparent, rigid

Newport SPC series splash proof covers offer additional protection for instruments. In addition to providing an extra barrier for water impingement, they also give mechanical protection. In addition they provide a barrier to discourage the temptation to "play" with instrument settings.

The covers are retained by two spring clips that require a screw driver or similar lever to remove, but which can be installed and snapped into place by hand.

  • Rated at IP66 when correctly installed
  • Good "height" clearance for instruments that stand proud of the panel
  • DIN 1/16, 1/8, 3/64[not stocked] and 1/4 sizes available
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
OM-SPC18 Instrument cover, transparent, rigid for 48x96 panel instruments Stock Available $83.00
OM-SPC116S Instrument cover, transparent, rigid for 48x48 panel instruments Stock Available $83.00
OM-SPC14 Instrument cover, transparent, rigid for 96x96 panel instruments Stock Unavailable $83.00

Additional Information

Instrument covers - rigid transparent - data sheet 260 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

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