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Clamp power analyser 2000amps 600VAC SD logging LU-PC-6011SD

The clamp power analyser  Lutron PC-6011SD is a very economical solution for the analysis of single phase or balanced 3 phase systems with voltages to 600VAC and current to 2000 amps. The product is related to the Lutron DW 6095 series 3 phase power analysers and uses the same SD card logging. Readings are logged from every 2 second to 7200 seconds as instantaneous values. It also captures 3 types of transient events with programmable threshold. The display is graphical dot matrix and has many graphic formats including waveform on voltage and current - phasor diagram and others.

  • Measures ACV, ACA, KW, KVA, KVAR, PF
  • Measures KWH, KVAH, KVARH, PFH
  • Frequency, harmonics to 50th
  • Type K thermocouple input  0.1 resolution to 199.9C then 1C to 1200C
  • SD card logging
  • Cables to 57mm   10amps  to 2000amps autorange
  • Record graphic displays to memory as .bmp files

Best value instrument to start you power cost reduction plan.

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LU-PC6011SD Clamp power analyser 2000amps PF, harmonics, waveform - SD card logging Stock Unavailable $685.00

Additional Information

Clamp power analyser data sheet 313 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating Instruction PC-6011SD 2738KB Download PDF