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NATA Certification for Infrared Temperature

FastLab is the NATA accreditated calibration laboratory of ECEFast. We have achieved accreditation for Radiation Pyrometers of most types from 0 to 1200C according to the SCOPE attached. If your quality system requires NATA certificates, then we can help you. As a major supplier of all types of IR temperature devices ECEFast can understand the applications and the certification requirements you seek.

  • Certification of most hand held thermometers, and Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Certification of Fixed IR transmitters and sensors to 1200C
  • Uncertainties from 1.5C on lowest ranges to 3.5C on highest ranges
  • Calibration settings on Raytek Marathon systems including Two Color Ratio types
  • Certified according to ISO 17025

Download certification/quote  request form ....... HERE

Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
FL-CALDTH3PB NATA Certification digital thermometer & probe at 3 points between -40 ~ 650C Stock Unavailable $175.00
FL-CALINFRARMT NATA certificate infra red 150 -500C medium temperature Stock Unavailable $175.00
FL-CAL-FOOD NATA calibration certificate for Food thermometer/probe at -18C, 3C and 70C [only] Stock Unavailable $75.00

Additional Information

Current Scope of accreditation of FASTLab 137 KB Download PDF
FastLab brochure and calibration request form 2101 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

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