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Bronze & Stainless Steel Flow Switches - Gems FS200

FS200 is the original "Gems" flow switch and is still the most rugged shuttle type switch available. There are more than 70 standard models for 1, 1¼, 1½ and 2 inchNPT connection. Suitable for water and high flow oil applications, the FS200 is widely used in industry. BSP threads are available on longer lead times for most models.

Most models are fixed set point but there is a series on 1 inch meter in bronze with adjustable setpoint.  All others have bronze or SS bodies  - special marine versions for ships


  • Line sizes 25-50mm - low pressure drop
  • Pressure to 25bar, Temp to 150°C
  • Repeatable to 1% - max differential 15%
  • Factory set point accuracy 10% -- SPDT 20VA
  • Adjustable versions in bronze only
  • Explosion proof class 1, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
GM-27053 Gems FS200 flow switch bronze 1inch 8 l/m Stock Available $600.00
GM-27054 Gems FS200 flow switch bronze 1inch 12 l/m Stock Available $600.00
GM-26615 Flow switch adjustable 4 to 20 l/min, 1" NPT, bronze, max 90°C Stock Available $610.00
GM-27057 Gems FS200 flow switch bronze 1inch 24l/m Stock Available $600.00
GM-26616 Flow switch adjustable 20 to 60 l/min, 1" NPT, bronze, max 90°C Stock Available $610.00

Additional Information

Gems FS200 data sheet 403 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Gems FS200 installation instructions 595KB Download PDF