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Analog set controller with digital display - BC-404/704

Low Cost and reliable, easy operation - other ranges can be supplied to 1200°C. Brainchild has a full range of analog set controllers in all sizes 48, 72 and 96mm. We stock the most common, and can convert to other ranges before shipment. These controllers have relay with proportional control. Conversion to Logic (for SSR) and on/off control are possible before shipment (charges apply) The standard inputs are K, J and Pt100. Range changes require solder links and a new analog scale so must be set up before shipment.

  • Type J, K, or Pt100 inputs
  • Proportional or on/off control - solder link selected
  • Alarms included in -25... series part numbers
  • Digital display -- 96X96mm (BC-404) or 72X72mm (BC-704) sizes
  • Relay or SSR control output - Relay standard
  • Range changes possible - before shipment
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
BC-404-25731 Controller 96X96 digital display 0-200 Pt100 relay & alarm ~ BTC 404 43321010 Stock Available $152.00
BC-702-24311 Controller - analog deviation display, analog set , 72x72 - type K, 0 to 400°C, relay Stock Available $152.00
BC-404-25311 Controller 96X96, digital display, 0-400 type K , relay & alarm ~ BTC 404 42521010 Stock Available $152.00
BC-704-24311 Controller digital display analog set , 72x72 - type K, 0 to 400°C, relay Stock Available $152.00
BC-404-25521 Controller 96X96, digital display, 0-400 type J, relay & alarm ~ BTC 404 41521010 Stock Available $152.00
BC-704-24761 Controller digital display analog set Pt100 0-100C - Relay 72x72 Stock Available $194.00

Additional Information

BC-902 Analogue Controller 48x48mm 58 KB Download PDF
BC-702 / BC-704 72x72mm analogue Controllers 247 KB Download PDF
BC-402 / BC-404 Analogue Controllers 96x96mm 79 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

There are no manuals currently available for this product..