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Air flow meter for compressed air & other gases - for DN15,20 and 25 pipes - EE741

Flow measurement and totalliser for compressed air and technical gases has just become simpler with the new EE-741 series from E+E Elektronik (Austria). Using their exclusive thin film thermal mass flow sensors and an innovative two part construction, you can permanently measure gas flow and consumption in pipes. Because the measuring package and the mounting adaptor are separate, you could also swap the flow meter between different pipes of different diameter, for shorter term audit of gas/air usage. As a mass flow based measurement, there is no need for corrections for temperature or pressure, and settings allow you to change the reference flow state from 1bar and 23C, for improved accuracy.

The analog output model includes pulse output for external totaliser or switch output for alarm and Modbus RTU and M-Bus is optional.

  • Flows from 0.2-212Nm3/h in DN15, DN20 & DN25 pipes
  • 0-20/4-20mA, Modbus RTU or M-Bus output
  • pulse or relay output on mA version
  • 18-30VDC supply  2.5W with optional display
  • In line flow fitting BSP or NPT in Aluminium or SS with option "cleaned for oxygen"
  • Maximum pressure 16 bar and 60C in process
Part No. Description Qty Availability Price
EE-741-HA079020 3/4 BSP SS flow fitting and plug for EE-741 in line gas flow meter Stock Unavailable $270.00
EE-741-A6D220GB9 Modular air flow meter electronics 4-20mA, alarm, display set for 20mm pipe flow fitting Stock Unavailable $1,390.00

Additional Information

Compressed air flow meter EE-741 data sheet 650 KB Download PDF

Additional Information

Operating manual for EE-741 gas flow meter 3207KB Download PDF